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Staffing services include:

•Contract staffing

•Extended staffing provider

•Project staffing

Our value-added staffing service is based on our unique approach for augmenting your staff:

1.A comprehensive client service team consisting of:

  ~AM (Account Manager)
  ~ARM (Aligned Resource Management)
  ~SCL (Solution Cluster Lead)

2.Ability to provide both senior leadership level and execution resources

  ~Management Consultants

  ~Directors of Delivery

  ~Program Managers

  ~Tech Architects


  ~System Administrators

  ~QA Engineers

3.Heavy reliance on Network-based hiring going beyond Monster, Dice and Craiglist

4.Comprehensive 5-step metrics-driven staff selection process – Initial screening, tech interview (2), personal interview and background check 5.Rapid response commitment

6.Structured processes to support assignment tasks such as employee on-boarding, travel planning, and asset allocation

M.A.S. Connect has experience and connections to get you into the job you want. With opportunities in both Phoenix, AZ and Chicago, IL; let us find a good fit for you. 

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